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    Variables in Load Script like Excel

    AT_Internal Audit

      Hey, guys. I need your help. Please help me with my problem.

      I have a predictive model in Excel with 7 variables ( x,y,c,d,e,f,h).

      I have to load this file to Qlik Sense.

      I want define variables ( x,y,c,d,e,f,h), but I can't imagine how to copy this formulas.


      So, I have default value for 7 variables, but user want to change them. So, I use qsVariable extensions.

      I have columns



      Row numberYearXColumn2Column3
      12017XX/1000 * YColumn 2 * F
      22018XColumn3(1 row number) * YColumn 2 * F
      32019XColumn3(2 row number) * YColumn 2 * F
      42020XColumn3(3row number) * YColumn 2 * F


      And I have to create line chart with Year dimension and Column3 measure. I understand how create a table, but i can't understand how create line char.