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    Division of variables returns the value of the numerator

    Mike Grattan

      I am trying to divide picked orders load time per pallet by non-picked orders load time per pallet to get a ratio.


      First variable vTimeToLoad_Avg_Pick:  Avg({<PickFlag={1}>} MinutesToLoad)

      Second variable vPalletsPerOrder_Pick:  Avg(Aggr(Avg({<PickFlag={1}>} DailyPallets), SalesOrder))

      Resulting variable calc vMinToLoadPerPallet_Avg_Pick:  $(vTimeToLoad_Avg_Pick) / $(vPalletsPerOrder_Pick)


      This results in a value of 9.12 minutes to load per pallet for a picked order.


      For nonpick orders the math is the same, but the value of the PickFlag is changed to 0.  The result is a value of 6.36 minutes per pallet to load non-picked orders.


      The result of dividing vMinToLoadPerPallet_Avg_Pick / vMinToLoadPerPallet_Avg_NonPick should be the result of dividing 9.12 by 6.36 which would equal 1.43.  However, I'm getting a result of 9.12.  I've tried putting parentheses around each variable, but then I get a result of Null ("-").  I've tried with and without $ and parens like this:

      $(vMinToLoadPerPallet_Avg_Pick) / $(vMinToLoadPerPallet_Avg_NonPick)

      and I get null result for that as well.

      I also tried using the Div function and also got similar results.

      Anything else I can try?