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    Using alternative measures with colour by expression

    Lukas Rupprecht

      Hi there,


      I was wondering, if it is possible to use alternative measures in a chart with colour by expression.


      Let's say i have the following data set:


      Name     Value1     Value2   

      A             1              2

      B             2              3

      A             1              2

      I create a bar chart with "Name" as dimension and a measure with sum(Value1). On top of that i declare sum(Value2) as alternative for my first measure.

      Now i want to colour the bars depending on their value. I want every bar with a value higher than 2 to be coloured green and the rest red.

      With only one measure it's kind of easy to use the following code: "if(sum(Value1) > 2, green(),red())", but is there a possibility to use a more generic code to make sure, this colour expression code is applicable to every measure I define?

      Thanks in advance!