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    pointer or key or memory

    Lidia Vonk

      Hi all,


      i work with  logic for delta consolidation,

      2 years of history in a daily load qvd.

      Daily reload for new data, this data can exists new information and changed information.

      consolidate on where no exists the unique key.


      The logic i use works for more then 30 extractions, so there is nothing wrong.

      My issue is on the reload time / memory.


      The new source i want to work with  is big.

      the unique key contains multiple field and is 69 figures long -  7bit value

      The source shows me 250 M unique distinct records  - 28 bit

      The application stops after consolidation from around 150 Mrecords


      Can any one tel me what server is needed or to i reach n other  limit.

      the server has : CPU 8 core 250Ghz  / memory 65536MB.