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    YTD in custom calendar

    Rodolfo Souza

      Hi everyone, I have a custom calendar beggining from May-01, ending Apr-30, and I'd to show some measures based on YTD.


      For instance, if I am in Aug-15 I'd like to show a bar chart with Sales from May-01 to Aug-15 of all years.

      All my curent attenpts leads to complex set analisys formulas.

      Has anyone a suggestion?


      thanks in advance, guys.



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          Anil Babu

          Is that May-01 and Apr-30 are MonthYear format or Date Format?? If it is MonthYear then try like below


          LET vMin = Min(DateField);


          Sum({<MonthYear = {">=$(vMin) <=$(=Max(MonthYear))"}>} Sales)


          Sum({<MonthYear = {">=$(vMin) <=$(=MonthName(Today()))"}>} Sales)