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    Rank Issue

    Carmelle Morrison



      I am having issues ranking the below, with the attached table image and application for the BINDING DIFFERENCE measure.....

      Applying rank() ranks the resulting number as 1 for all results within the table.


      Only({1<ID = p({<Genre =  (p(Genre)), [Sub Genre] = (p([Sub Genre])),

      Literal3 = (p(Literal3)),

      [Price] = {">=$(vMinCTPrice)<=$(vMaxCTPrice)"},

      [Pub Date Num] = {">=$(vMinCTPubDate)<=$(vMaxCTPubDate)"},

      ID = e(ID),Author = , Title =, ISBN =>})>}-Binding_Prioritisation


      Sum({$<Genre = (p(Genre)) , [Sub Genre] = (p([Sub Genre])), Literal3 = (p(Literal3))>}TOTAL Binding_Prioritisation))


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!