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    Turn off relation for specific measures

    Diep Hoang Trong


      As snapshot above, I want to calculate 2 things:

      (1) Number of Staff having orders in selected month

      (2) Number of Staff existing in selected month


      In order to do that, I have to set up circular relations between the 3 tables like above. When I calculate (1), I have to turn off the relation between [Calendar] and [Staff], when I calculate (2), I have to turn off relation between [Calendar] and [Order].


      Is it possible to do so with Qlik Sense?

        • Re: Turn off relation for specific measures
          Bill Markham

          Maybe simply removing the Month field from the Staff table could suffice.  It will still linked to the Calendar table via the Order table.


          I would guess your Staff table has more columns in it like maybe the staff member's full name etc.... so you won't be able to simply delete the table.


          Nevertheless you would end with a classic star schema with your Orders table being your central Fact table and Staff and Calendar tables being satellite dimension tables.