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    How to load REST API key/value data?

    Jillian Jarrett




      I'm trying to get data from an API to load in QlikSense (using a REST connector).

      The data comes from an OpenTSDB web service and looks like this:





          "metric": "metric1",

          "dps": {

            "1503217340": 1

            "1503217345": 1

            "1503217350": 1




          "metric": "metric2",

          "dps": {

            "1503217350": 1

            "1503217355": 1

            "1503217350": 1





      How do I load the data such that the content of "dps" is loaded as a table?

      All the Qlik examples assume the JSON data uses fixed attribute names.

      I have no idea how to refer to the dps's key/values.



      I was able to get this far:








          -- How to access the key/value here?



      FROM "dps" FK "__FK_dps")

      FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" PK "__KEY_root";



      Can someone please help me finish this statement?