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    Integrating QlickView Personal Edition with Desktop Application

    Brian Rathbone

      I am interested in integrating QlikView Personal Edition with my desktop application. I have it mostly working, but I am concerned about the path to the Excel data being different on user machines.


      I have a QlikView file I created (QlikDashboard.qvw) with the desired charts pre-configured. Currently my process looks like this:

      1. Delete qlik.xls
      2. Generate new qlik.xls with desired data.
      3. Shellexecute QlikDashboard.qvw

      I would like QlikView to display the pre-configured charts using the data in the new qlik.xls file, which will likely not be in the same location as the qlik.xls file used when I created QlikDashboard.qvw, but it WILL be in the same folder as QlikDashboard.qvw when I open it.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction with regards to updating the excel data and potentially the .xls file path when opening a qvw file?