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    Dimension as a function of filter

    Bohemia Group



      apologies if this question was raised/answered elsewhere. Did not find it by googling.



      1) Filter (acting as a drop down) with possible options:


      - Month

      - Week

      - Dat


      2) 2x charts which have dimensions setup as a function of SEL1:

      = if(SEL1 = "Month", date.Month, date.Day)


      where date.Month and date.Day are 2 separate variables/columns with Month and Day respectively.



      I get an error "cyclical link" and an app essentially freezes.



      Is there any way how to implements conditional dimension in Qlik Sense Cloud?


      Any ideas how to implement it in Qlik Sense Cloud would be highly appreciated!


      Warm regards,


      P.S. Let's please ignore the cases when multiple values are chosen in SEL1.