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    How to track changed data and visulaize them

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      I need suggestions on below requirement from one of my users:


      Here is Drawing and Print status tracker template which they maintain as Excel on SharePoint based on ID , Program and Business.



      There requirement is to track any changes in Drawing and Print Status (from 1 to 5 status can be any) in last 24 hrs and to track them on daily , weekly and Monthly Basis. Let me explain this with an example:



      Suppose for ID =1001 , someone has changed Drawing Status from "4" to "3" and for ID=1004 ,Print Status has been changed from "4" to "1" , then they want to track all these changes. As of now they are fine if we are comparing any changes with base file in 24 hrs (Each day). But they need overall picture in terms of visualization w.r.t to any changes for Drawing and Print Status.


      I'm not sure if we can handle this tracking within QlikView or not? If yes then please share your thoughts and how we can show this to users in term of visualization.


      Waiting for inputs/suggestions!