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    Barchart - show measure of measure as (100%) bar -And determin Color.

    Daniel Sørensen



      This answer has been asked before in this forum, and have been solved.

      But I am having a hard time understanding/implementing the solution in my scenario.


      I have two measures I would like to split in a stacked bar chart, so the highest measure is 100% of the bar chart, and the scond measure is the XX% of that 100%


      Setup is as following:


      Dimension:    =propertyNumber

      Measure 1    sum(numberEG) (this is the 100%)

      Measure 2:    Sum(numberEG30Day)


      This is the result...



      So how do I configure my chart so -> sum(numberEG) will be 100% - and Sum(numberEG30Day) would be the % of the 100%..

      And just to challenge people in here.....

      I would like if sum(numberEG) is color #0A2864 and Sum(numberEG30Day) is color #E63F0C