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    Mapping Value from Dimension in another Dimension

    Hannes Peiffer

      Hello Qlik-Guys,


      Attached I have a QVW of two tables.


      In the first table I sum up the revenue (Umsatz) per Country(Land) ==> first dimension


      In the second table I sum up the entertainment expenses (Kosten) per Country (Land_Bewirtung) ==> second Dimension


      My Goal is to map the Values from the second Dimension to the first and get rid of the Second Dimension




      For the Country "D" i would like to have only one line (based on the Screenshot)


      D------100 (Umsatz) -------- 180 (Sum of 30 and 150 from the second Dimension where country is "D" and Expression Values)


      I only can do this in the expression, not in the script, as the expression in the original cockpit is quite difficult.


      Any ideas very welcome :-)