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    Multiple mapping of Same Key with other Table

    Shahid Mr

      Let me put the scenario first to simplify the question. I have a table called Person  , Now in our business logic Same person can be a customer as well as seller in different jobs. So , I have a fact table "Order" where there are two columns , CustomerID and SellerID .  Now when i am associating these tables . Table Person and Table Order . It allows me to make only one association which is Order.CustomerID and Person.PersonKey . I want to use Person.PersonKey to associate with Order.SellerID  as well.

      One Solution is to separate person table according to the roles . But if i follow this approach , I'll have to make a whole lot of tables to take care of similar issues.

      This approach is feasible and valid in terms of Star Schema but looks like i am not able to do it in QlikSense

      Is there any better way of doing it?

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          youssef belloum



          I'm not sure i understand at 100% your problem, but, let me try,


          the key field connecting your table "order" to your table "person" may be "CustomerID" and also may be "SellerID" ?


          If it is the case, you can try a composite Key, by concatenating these two fields like this:


          CustomerID &'-'& SellerID as PersonKey (on the order table)


          and do the same on the Person table.


          let me know




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            ishan Bhatt

            Hi Sahid,


            I Think you want to connect Person and Seller table to the fact table. If it is right the try below logic.








            FROM [lib://Data/Data.xlsx]

            (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Table 1]);




            Mapping Load













                Applymap('_MappingTable',"PersonID",'NA') AS PersonName,

                Applymap('_MappingTable',"SellerID",'NA') AS SellerName

            FROM [lib://Data/Data.xlsx]

            (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [Table 2]);



            Exit script;



            Hopefully, this will helpfull to you.