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    Filter for time in NPrinting

    Chris Attewell-Hughes

      Hi guys,


      I have a report which highlights errors throughout the day. I want it to show any errors within the last hour.


      I can get it to filter for errors in the logs, but not for the correct time stamp.

      The field it's pulling from is formatted 'DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM'.

      I'm using the below to filter the values using the "Evaluate Value" function in NPrinting:



      When I add this time filter, I receive an empty Excel sheet.

      Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?

      Chris A.

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          Matus Kelemen

          Hi Chris,

          what is the data type of the field?

          Check in the Document properties -> Tables.

          Btw last hour should be >=




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            Ruggero Piccoli

            In NPrinting 17 at the moment you cannot create a filter of kind "less then".


            My suggestion is:

            - create a QlikView or Qlik Sense table that contains only the rows that satisfy the condition (note that NPrinting supports hide tables if they are stored on visible sheet)

            - create a report that shows that table

            - add to the report a condition (Conditions ‒ Qlik NPrinting) that checks it that table as data and schedule the report periodically. When the schedule runs if the table has data, the report will be created if the table has no data no reports will be created.



            Best Regards,



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