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    How to calculate the percentage of counts based on a sub total

    Cameron Vine



      This is very frustrating as a 30 second job in excel and a 2 minute job in Tableau has taken up a couple of hours of my time in Qliksense and I am still no closer to a solution.


      All I want is the % of each type of SLA (Milestone), ie. Source and MaRRS (Reporting tool) that has breached an SLA based on the sub total, for example SLA 10 breach 17/124 = 19.77%. Refer attached


      I have tried various different methods for just the denominator before I get to the percentage calc such as aggr and Total and Nodistinct but cannot get any closer to a solution, eg.

      • aggr ( Sum ( TOTAL count({1<Status=-{'N/A'}>}Status)) Milestone, Category) = No Values
      • count(TOTAL {1<Status=-{'N/A'}>}Status) = 1,290 which is wrong (124 + 521 + 199 +446)


      How this cannot be out of the box functionality given we are meant to role this out within our organisation as a self service model is beyond me.


      Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.