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    NPrinting Importing of Filters

    Neil Blance



      I have been looking through the various tutorials and forums regarding Importing Recipients with Filters and Distribution Groups.


      We have a Qlik dashboard, which the main function of it is to show sales people's performances and with NPrinting email a report to each of the sales people relating to their performance. 


      I understand and have followed the tutorial  "How to Create and Import Recipients with Filters and Distribution Groups"  and "Advanced Filters Syntax on Recipients Import"


      We have the name of the sales person, their email address plus other information relating to the sales person in the QlikView dashboard. I realise I have to import the information into NPrinting i.e. Full Name, Email Address via 'Recipient Imports' - 'From QlikView Entity' etc.


      My Questions are (I may be over simplifying) is there no easier way to import the Full name as a filter, instead of having to construct the syntax needed for the filter, (I'll probably have to export the data out into Excel to create the syntax needed, then import into NPrinting). This does seem to be an overkill, I can't help thinking that during the process of importing of the Recipients you could create filters on the fly based on the dimensions (data) you are importing from the QlikView Entity, in this instance the Sales Person' name.


      Am I missing something here ?  Or considering the overall requirement as mentioned above, is there a better approach to this ?


      Many Thanks


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          Ruggero Piccoli

          Hi Neil,


          Importing users is very dofferent in NPrinting 16 respect 17, so please specify the version you are using.


          In NPrinting 16 you can import users from a QlikView object. In this case you can create the filters syntax as a QlikView table column. Create one time and reuse it how many times you want. By importing directly from a QlikView table you can skip the export to Excel.

          In the Excel file with the users you want to import into NPrinting 16 you can create a column with the name of the QlikView field you want to filter and in the cells you place the value to keep.

          Simple Import Filter.png


          In NPrinting 17 the feature exists but it is limited right now. You must create an Excel file with exactly the correct structure and a you must create the explained filters syntax.


          Best Regards,



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              Neil Blance

              Hi Ruggero


              That worked, I constructed the filter (including the required syntax) for a new column in the Salesperson table reload script, then reloaded the dashboard and it creates the filter for each salesperson needed for the NPrinting reports, also I tested it in NPrinting, works perfectly. To be honest it wasn't too much work involved. I was using QlikView 11.20 and NPrinting 16.3


              Many Thanks


              PS for anyone interested here is the line of code I used in the script:

              '[Sales Person Name]={' & [Sales Person Name] & '}' AS [Sales Person Filter]