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    September 2017: qlik.getAppList() triggers "connection lost"

    Mathias Schindler

      Hello Community,


      I'm having a small issue after upgrading from June 2017 Patch 2 to September 2017 Release.


      After calling qlik.getAppList()-function a message box telling me "connection lost" is displayed (message is in german):


      I used the following code to trigger this error (note that you can work around it by using app.global.getAppList()):

      var currentApp = qlik.openApp('f057c3a3-ed0f-411c-ba70-4b986175cef1', config);
      // this is working just fine
      currentApp.global.getAppList(function(apps) {
           // comment out the next line to prevent the error message
           qlik.getAppList(function(a) { });


      Does anyone else have the same problem?