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    Can Qlik Sense read .JSON files?

    Amien Amien

      I know there is a REST Connector. But i need to enter a URL there. With HTTP or HTTPS protocol. Is it possible to link to a JSON folder or file?


      Thanks in advanced

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          Simon Hogg

          Yes, absolutely it can (having just done it) but depending on your data structure it might be best not to as it can still involve a lot of editing.


          If your JSON data is in a file you should be able to just load it as any other flat table (csv, etc.) but you might have to split it out into sub-tables by hand.


          Worst case is probably having to load the JSON into something like MongoDB then load into Qlik from there (that's where I started!!!)

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            Steven Koppens

            If you want a easy scripting solution, you could use Python to convert to CSV:


            import pandas

            df = pandas.read_json("example.json")


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              Suzan Wijnans

              You can read json files directly from a file directory.

              In QlikView this option was available from table load. In Sense it dissapeared.

              The script still works though ;-)

              Here's an example





                    , Barthelscore

                    , Datum_van_afname

                    , MomentAfname

                  from [lib://YSIS/barthelscore.json] (json, codepage is 1252, embedded labels);


              • If you dont know the column names first perform a select*
              • Create a library/connection to your directory