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    problems with creating data model in Qlik Sense

    Osman Kamal

      Hi everyone,


      I'm fairly new to Qlik and I am trying to create a data model in Qlik Sense.  I keep getting an error that says the following:


      The following error occurred:

      Circular reference:
      One or more loops have been detected in your database structure. Loops may cause ambiguous results and should therefore be avoided. Loop(s) will automatically be cut by setting one or more tables as loosely coupled. Use Loosen Table script statement to explicitly declare loosely coupled tables.: return


      Below I've attached the data model that I currently have created.



      As you can see, the CARRIER field is in 3 tables; Vendor, Order_Interliner, and Carrier Transit Times.


      Do you know how I would be able to fix this issue?


      I would like to get the carrier data from the Vendor and Order_Interliner tables (identify which is the correct carrier). I would also like to get the correct corresponding transit times for each carrier from the Carrier Transit Times table.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!