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    Format a Date Field as MMM-YYYY in Qlik Sense

    Hari Nag

      Hi Qlik Experts,


      I have a Date Field which is in MM/DD/YYYY Format. I wanted to format the Field as MMM-YYYY.

      I am using this field in Table with some more dimensions like Project Status. And I wanted to Show the Values of the Date Field when the project status is Active if not it should have blank values. Iwhen I write Expression in the Date Dimension field as

      Date(if(Project Status = 'Active', Date),'MMM-YYYY'). It is working as expected but the when Users export it is not showing as numeric values and it is treating as string. I tried this way also but it is not working if(Project Status = 'Active', Date(Date,'MMM-YYYY')...


      Please help in this regard.