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    How to modify/change some features in Qlik? Details below

    ram jap

      Currently working in the company that implements the SAP ERP into the one big enterprise.


      Completing the last step, which involves investigation of the most suitable software for analytical purposes. (Business Intellegence)


      SAP which is already implemented into the company exctracts some data from the previous MES systems.


      Specificly, searching for the software which can introduce modified data other from the being extracted from the MES.


      In order to manipulate the production rate, the set basis value of some components from BILL OF MATERIALS need to be changed without destructing the whole procedure.


      How can I introduce such changes?


      Many thanks!

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          Kaushik Solanki



          Do you mean that while fetching the data from Database you want to manipulate some values?



          Kaushik Solanki

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              ram jap

              Thanks for your response.


              Let me clarify that i'm working with manufacturing process.

              So, when the data is extracted from the SAP, Qlik represents it in very accurate way by various visualization features.

              I want to consctruct a simple production process steps similiar to the one below, which was created in Excel:


              For instance, during the production of the coal, processes such as blast, transportation, dehydration etc. take place. Each of them comprises several components such as worker, equipment, materials etc.

              Once I have obtained the visualized data of the manufacturing processes in Qlik, I would like to manipulate, for instance, concentration or ratio of a certain material , to analyze the consequence of such changes.


              Therefore, I am asking if is it possible to create a good-looking production flow diagram in Qlik by setting variables (worker, equip., material) such that I can "play" with them in order to be able to understand the possibility of production of X million tonns of the coal.

              Simply saying, construction in Qlik what I already have in Excel, but with more detailed and nice interface.


              Kind regards,

              Ramazan Japarov