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    Strange behaviour of the Concat function in a chart

    ivan julia sanchez

      Hi everybody,


      I'm trying to use the CONCAT function to process data.

      I've created and XLS file with this test data.


      I've created a table graphic Chart like this.



      I have 3 dimensions: city, year and Indicator.

      So in the context of this dimensions, one Indicator, in a year in a city will have some variables.

      In the case of city (Badalona), year (2016), Indicator (Indicador A), there are 3 possible variables (variable AA, variable AB and variable AC).


      When I use the CONCAT function, we can see the result is correct. Appear the three variables.


      But I want to go further and I would like to use the CONCAT function to create a conditional sentences to process data.

      I add the code inside the separator part in the CONCAT function to create the sentences (we can see the column CONDITIONAL SENTENCES).


      The problem is when I execute this code using the $ expansion, It take all the possible values in the graph.

      It's like no dimensions exists.


      I've tried to use simple sentences like "=Concat (variable_value,'+') " and this return "10+20+30", but when I tried to execute this with "=$(=Concat (variable_value,'+')) " it occurs the same, returning "360" that is the sum of the "variable_value" without regard the dimensions.


      I don't know if it's a bug or the CONCAT function has some type of use restrictions.


      Can anybody help me?


      Thanks in advance.