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    how to apply colors based on Distinct and non distinct values

    V Kumar

      Hi Team,

      i have a requirement i have id, Code,  site_red and Agg_red columns present.

      For Ex:

      Code W1 displaying Multiple times here in my chart  should display Value is Agg_Red and background color also Red based on ID.

      if it is distinct value then it will display value is Site_red and background color also red.


      Please help


      5013W1> 0> 0
      5009W2< 0.8> 50
      5016W3< 0.8> 10
      5015W4< 0.8> 95
      5013W1> 5< 10
      5013W1> 15>= 10
      5009W2< 0.8> 0


      Thanks in advance