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    Alternative Dimension and Colour by Dimension with legend

    Edzai Kademeteme

      I am having a challenge in QlikSense.



      1. You have a Line chart that has 2 dimensions and 2 or more Alternative Dimensions and One Measure.

      2. Then you put colour by dimension and you specify one dimension that is in your Chart

      3. You activate show legend.


      So my question is.


      The Legend only shows values for the dimension you specified in the Colour by Dimension, however when you change the dimension to an Alternative dimension you specified the Legend is always showing values for the First dimension that was specified in the settings during design.


      Is there any way of making the Legend match or show the values of the dimension that has been selected.

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          Vishnu Chakravaram

          This is a known bug in Qlik Sense. Don't mind raising this issue with Qlik. They'll just ignore it.


          This issue persists as of September 2017 release. The alternative dimensions/ measures feature is a great but poorly designed feature.


          Would help if the there is an expression that drives the legend. Same goes with coloring.


          There should be an option to color by an "Alternative Dimension".



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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Edzai -


            I checked with our products team and this issue has been identified and is currently tasked to be fixed, it may make it as soon as the November release I am told. Hope this helps.


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                dion verbeke

                Thanks Michael,


                This is good news!


                How can we make sure we are not on the ignore list for bug fixes?


                I am prepared to write down a list of bugs we see coming back in all releases and really need to be fixed:

                * Alternate dimension and colors

                * Max 2 dims or 2 meas in barcharts

                * Master items in document, not globally on server

                * The fixed in Dimension is applied on the measure not the value of the dimensions.



                Kind Regards,



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                    Michael Tarallo

                    Hi Dion - kindly, I would say ignore is a harsh word. I see what goes on in R&D and I can tell you NOTHING is being ignored. - these guys due to bust their tails to meet deadlines and get product out as quickly as possible with pretty decent quality. NOW prioritized, that's more of what is going on. They have their agendas and processes to follow - though I am not sure why some are given more priority than others. That being said - I would always be sure to contact your Qlik rep and/or Qlik support to ensure that the issue has been logged and always request a status update from time to time. On another note, just for those who might think this, Qlik Community is not the best venue to log an issue - it is possible it may be picked up and then logged in our system by someone (for example I used to be able to do that - when I could repro something easily - but no longer have access to do so) - so make sure to use Qlik Support as well and/or the partner portal. Let me know if you have any questions.

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                    Vishnu Chakravaram

                    mto This is good news. Also, a small suggestion in Alt dim / Alt meas.


                    Sometimes there's a need to look at a particular measure vs. a particular dimension.

                    (Like, if we're using an Aggr function in the measure that requires the dimension to match the chart dimension)

                    So, is it possible to also add an option to do a 'linked measure' ?  (As in, a particular dimension could only be viewed with a particular dimension.)

                    This will relieve some burden for us developers, as currently QS does not natively support Conditional Show / Hide.

                    You might say why not train users to select the right dimension?   But, most of the users I deal with are used to excel and other BI tools that provide a similar functionality. So, there is a minor protest from their side.

                    If possible, please include this functionality.

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                      andrew palmer

                      Please, please can colour by alternative dimension functionality be added soon?


                      This is so frustrating when creating simple scatter plots, where for example I must choose ID (individual employees) as my dimension so that I get points on the chart for each employee, but I want to have a legend to colour by some trait about those employees (gender, length of service, performance ratings...)


                      Yes, colour by expression is a workaround but then I need to create a picture object and paste it on my sheet so that I at least have a legend visible.  This is really inadequate!


                      Ideally you would want to enable users to choose from a large range of alternative dimensions to help them investigate and explore their data (the whole point of using QS), but for now just having ONE alternative dimension would help so, so much