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    LDAP to Qliksense dashboard

    Santhosh Ashokkumar

      I need a help to LDAP to Qliksense configuration. This is my first project, I am working on. I have a python login page that is connected to LDAP server. The plan is to create a single sign on from Python login page to Qlik dashboards through LDAP authentication. I don't have Qlikserver access. But I want to know how things are working & I don't know where to start exactly.

      I need to know to be clear, how LDAP server is connected to my Qlik dashboards.


      To keep it simple, user will login with Python login page & it will check for authentication of the user in LDAP server. It should directly take the user to the respective dashboard of the particular user.


      Can someone explain.


      Thanks in advance.