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    Sort by Expression - Extension 2 Dimensional Heatmap

    Janina Sand

      Hello together,


      I use the Qlik Sense Extension 2 Dimensional Heatmap.

      There i use 2 Dimension that i want to sort by the Expression function.

      Here are the expressions:

      1. Match([Discount],'<20%','20%-40%','40%-60%','60%-80%','>80%')

      2. Match([Month],'Nov','Dec','Jan','Feb','Mar','Apr','May','Jun','Jul','Aug')


      The first expression (Discount) works well, but the second expression (Month) does not sort the values right (see picture)


      If i switch the two Dimensions, then the second expression (Month) works well, but then the first expression (Discount) does not sort right:

      heatmap_switch dimension.PNG

      Do you have any experience with this extension and can help me to sort both Dimensions right?


      Best regards,