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    Numeration of Rows for different Values

    Jesus Lopez



      I need to add a row numerion for each different value in a column. I've been looking for some kind if cicle to apply in Rowno() in a cicle, but I havent been able to find anything like that, maybe I am looking it the wrong way. The table I have looks something like this:


      Client  Country  Value

      Client1  US         100

      Client2  US          300

      Client3  CO         400

      Client4  CO         100

      Client5  CO          200

      Client6  MX          500



      Rowno() will only give me a row number for each client, but what I need is to evaluate each country and assign a number according to that Country, and start over every time the country changes. The result table would look like this:


      Client  Country  Value  ClientCodePerCountry

      Client1  US         100      1

      Client2  US         300      2

      Client3  CO         400     1

      Client4  CO         100     2

      Client5  CO         200     3

      Client6  MX         500     1



      The real data has about 500 to 1000 rows of different clients per Country, so I am looking for a somekind of while statement in a new table that does the evaluation and then returns the "ClientCodePerCountry".


      Thank you in advance!

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          Antonio Mancini

          Hi Jesus,

          may be this


          LOAD *,Autonumber(RowNo(),Country) as ClientCodeperCountry

          From Table;




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            Sunny Talwar

            If the amount of data is large, I would suggest to use Previous function to do this as it tends to give better performance then AutoNumber. If the data is small, go with Antonio Mancini's solution



            LOAD * INLINE [

                Client,  Country,  Value

                Client1,  US,        100

                Client2,  US,          300

                Client3,  CO,        400

                Client4,  CO,        100

                Client5,  CO,          200

                Client6,  MX,          500




            LOAD *,

            If(Country = Previous(Country), RangeSum(Peek('ClientCodePerCountry'), 1), 1) as ClientCodePerCountry

            Resident Table

            Order By Country, Client;


            DROP Table Table;