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    QlikView 12 and SQL Server Native client

    Vindhya Giri



      We are moving from Oracle database to SQL Server database.


      I want to know if there is a specific version of SQL Native Client that needs to be installed for QlikView 12?

      How do I know what version of Native client is already installed on my server and my desktop?


      Please advise



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          Peter Cammaert

          The SQL Server Native Client is an MS client to connect to SQL Server through the OLE DB/ODBC interface. It's version must correspond with the SQL Server DB you are trying to connect to. QlikView doesn't mind what version you use, as long as it adheres to the OLE DB/ODBC spec.


          Newer Native Clients will almost always work with older SQL Server versions (in contrast with Oracle). There is no separate Native Client for SQL Server 2016. Version 11 will do just fine. Version 10 was released together with SQL Server 2008.


          Note that the native client is part of SQL Server, not a part of Windows or MS Office. AFAIK you won't have any version installed by default. Download an installer from the Microsoft Download page and install it on the laptop/desktop where you develop your QlikView documents, and on the QlikView server where you plan to roll them out.