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    Self reporting Field position is getting changed in Bookmark

    ALI SA

      I have produced the one report &  scrolled the fields as per requirement from self reporting then created bookmark for the same.but each time we run the bookmark it puts the fields in default order.


      I have dragged the Employee Code,Account Code,Hotel Name, Final Country & Total Amount then  i have moved Final Country to the first columns and moved the Employee Code at the end and saved it  in Bookmark.

      When I have opened the bookmark  & found that positioning of fields are being changed .

      Employe Code Account Code Hotel Name Final Country Total Amount

      xzs                    00111                  T****            Dubai        1000

      asx                    0012                    S***            India            2000



      Expected result was below which i have saved in Bookmark


      Final Country  Account Code Hotel Name Total Amount  Employe Code

      Dubai                00111                  T****            1000         xzs

      India                  0012                    S***            2000          asx