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    Show percentage in pivot table

    Maria Poulsen

      Hi all


      I want to do a pivot table with two dimension: year and age.

      I want to show the percentage of people in a certain age-group within every year for the people in my population with foreign nationality, like this:


      I know how to calculate the number of people within each group using the function


           =count( {< [Nationality]={'Udenlandsk'} >} Person_id)


      But how do I get QV to show the percentage in stead, like in the example above?


      I already tried:


           = count( {< [Nationality]={'Udenlandsk'} >} Person_id) /     count(total  {< [Nationality]={'Udenlandsk'} >} Person_id)


      But this doesn't give the percentage I want.


      Kind Regards