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    Splitting Sheets Based on Top 5 Clients


      Dear Experts,


      I am having a challenge to split sheets through nprinting filters based on Top 5 customers, let me explain I am interested to see only Top 5 customers as a summary in one sheet and based on those Top 5 customers, Second table should split like month-wise but only up to top 5 customers not all. I have two tables already in qlikview.


      For better understanding please see below what I want look like.






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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Farrukh,


          Very easy to do in NPrinting Excel type report. Since you already have two charts appropriately filtered in QlikView, you simply need to:

          • place your Summary chart on Sheet1 (rename the sheet as required).
          • place your other chart on Sheet2 and Page by field Customer (only on Sheet2)

          This example should get you going (ignore the On-demand stuff): NPrinting - possible to page on a field and inc... | Qlik Community


          HTH - Daniel.

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              FARRUKH ZUBAIR

              Dear Denial,


              Thanks for your help but unfortunately it starts creating sheets for all the clients not restricted to Top 5, my requirement is just to create only 5 sheets under Top 5.


              I have 500 clients and it start creating 500 sheets for each client which is meaningless. In qlikview table I have taken only top 5 clients but why it is taking all clients while running through nprinting I have no idea. I am not able to handle it in a simpler way.

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              Ruggero Piccoli



              As suggested by Daniel you can create a QlikView straight table object with the top 5 customers.

              In Qlik NPrinting Designer you can select the second worksheet of the Excel template, add the new straight table (remember to refresh the cache before) into the Levels node then drag and drop the level tags into the template. Insert the second table between them so you will obtain a report with only the first 5 customers of 500.



              Best Regards,



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