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    Correl Limitations

    Francesco Valente

      Good Morning all,


      I am new to this community as I started using qlik sense desktop only recently.


      After taking this module Course: Identifying Correlated Measures (QS 3.2 SR3) I am trying to evaluate correlation between two variables which have an aggregation function in their expression. So I am in this scenario:

      • X with Expression: sum(X)
      • Y with Expression: sum(Y)


      As per Guide in the Limitations of Correl Function is written:

      The expression must not contain aggregation functions, unless these inner aggregations contain the TOTAL

      qualifier. For more advanced nested aggregations, use the advanced aggregation function Aggr, in

      combination with calculated dimensions.

      Text values, NULL values and missing values in any or both pieces of a data-pair result in the entire data-pair

      being disregarded.

      So I have tried the below with no luck


      and also

      Correl(Total X,Y)

      What is the best way to avoid the limitation? I have tried to load the data from scratch so skiping the aggregarition function and I had no issue with the Correl function.

      I have been looking around for related discussion but I have not found much apart this thread Showing Correlation Coefficient in Chart but again with no luck



      Thank you in advance for your help.