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    User input from user to script

    Francisco Cohen

      Hi all,


      I've found many discussions around this theme and maybe I've missed the correct answer to my issue - sorry if I did.


      I'm using Qlik Sense DEKTOP version.


      In my script I have a variable SEG1 and I want the user to input a value and then use a reload button to re-run the script using that input.

      How can I use that user input value in the script?


      This is my script:


      SEG1='VBGT11B1486'; //value inut, hardcoded in the script and I want to replace this by an input box in the visualization



      SELECT DISTINCT LPAD (' ', LEVEL * 2) || LEVEL order_level

                    , msib.segment1 assembly_item

                    , msib.description assembly_description

      FROM            bom.bom_components_b@EBS bic


      WHERE           1 = 1

      AND             bic.bill_sequence_id = bom.bill_sequence_id

      AND             SYSDATE BETWEEN bic.effectivity_date AND Nvl(bic.disable_date, SYSDATE)

      AND             bom.assembly_item_id = msib.inventory_item_id

      AND             bom.organization_id = msib.organization_id


      START WITH      msib.segment1 = '$(SEG1)'               /*  component item to be used here */

      CONNECT BY NOCYCLE PRIOR bic.component_item_id = msib.inventory_item_id

      ORDER BY        PATH;