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    Qlik Sense Scheduler not running / constantly restarting

    Ralf Hein

      Hello Community,


      I am struggling with a problem that nobody so far could help me with, but I hope somebody here can point me in the right direction.


      We have a standalone windows 2012 server with a standalone Qlik Sense installation (most recent 3.2 SR5). All was working fine, but than our licence expired and needed renewal. After renewing it, Qlik Sense Scheduler Service would not start anymore. I do however not think this is related (or if it is, that would really be a bug), but is simply a coincidence.


      The scheduler is marked as "stopped" in QMC/Schedulers, and when I observe the windows task manager I see the service constantly cycling between "starting", "running", "stopped" - like it is crashing in some way. This happens about every 20-30 seconds.


      I have changed all log settings for the scheduler to "debug", but can not find anything helpful in those logs. Besides, the moment ths service restarts the previous log gets deleted, which makes it really hard to find the final log entry. It is timestamped (I can watch this in Windows Explorer if I hit F5 frequently enough) and then gets deleted (or maybe moved, but I have no idea where to).


      I have already tried repairing the installation (via windows software center -> repair), even completely removed and re-installed - but all with no result.


      So my questions are:

      - does anybody know how/where to disable the log-cleanup, so I can read the timestamped log?

      - does anybody have any idea where else I could look for information to track down this problem?

      - do you have any idea or recommendation as to what to what I could try?


      I am completely stuck here, any idea to point me into any direction would be highly appreciated!


      Thank you very much,