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    White boxes instead of images in Nprinting

    Lukas Gärtner



      I want to overlay the Image of a table onto an Image of a bar Chart on a nprinting power Point Chart. But occassionally and without logic the Image of the overlaid table is only a White box in the preview as well as when I run the Task to save the pptx file on my hard disk.

      I use Qlik Sense and Nprinting June 2017.


      I tried to Change the Stretch Parameter in the Properties but this doesnt fix the Problem. Also in the Nprinting power Point template I tried to push it in the front.


      Here instead of the yellow marked area should be an Image of a table.


      Does someone have a solution for this?

        • Re: White boxes instead of images in Nprinting
          Ruggero Piccoli

          I tryied but I'm not able to replicate your issue.

          Did you checked the logs to see if there are errors?


          I would to suggest to open a support ticket so my colleagues could organize a remote session to do a deeper investigation. I think it is not possible to understand the problem without checking the template and the source.



          Best Regards,



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