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    Macro for Selecting multiple values

    Dinesh Kumar

      Hi all,

      "First of all, I want to congratulate QlikTech for new look" 

      And here is the issue:

      Since, I am not so good with VB Script; I want your suggestion/workaround to resolve this problem.

      I have an input box which will search for days entered in it. You can enter multiple values in this input box separated by comma. So far working all well J

      Now I need to develop it in such a way so that if someone copy the days values from exported xls (which will not be comma separated) and paste in Input box, it should filters the same in the application. In simple  words, this input box/button should work even if we copy and paste from xls into input box directly.

      Can this be achieved by doing some macro changes?

      I have attached the sample file and I am using QV9 SR6.