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    Qlik sense Map

    Anders Jasper

      Hello everyone,


      I am building an app in QlikSense where I need to use maps. I tryed coloring by rank and it worked perfectly good in the desktop-version  of QLIK Sense. Now I have moved my app to QLIK Sense Server, suddely all dots on the map turned out to be gray. Seems like the color code is being completely ignored. I wonder what is going on, have I done something wrong?

      Here is the color code, just in case:


      if(($(Delta Pü) >= $(range)) and (sum(A_Halt)> $(GrenzeHalte) and sum(B_Halt)> $(GrenzeHalte)),


      if($(Delta Pü) < (-$(range)) and (sum(A_Halt)> $(GrenzeHalte) and sum(B_Halt)> $(GrenzeHalte)),


      if((sum(A_Halt)> $(GrenzeHalte) and sum(B_Halt)> $(GrenzeHalte)),




      Thank you for your help!