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    Loop with autofill?



      I have a simple loop - see attachement - that are returning values for a prognosis calculation. I had to loop this to be able to connect to other tables, because there's no useful dates in the table, just a date when the post is created.

      One value should be used until a new value appear in that column, like:

      P12     a     b

      P1       -     -

      P2       c     d

      P3       -     -

      and so on. So the value for P1 should be the last recorded = P12 and for P3 = P2


      So I must have the loop to "autofil" the last existing values where the fields are empty or null. Like:

      P12     a     b

      P1       a     b

      P2       c     d

      P3       c     d

      and so on...


      Is there a way to do that?



        • Loop with autofill?
          Ralf Becher

          Hi Torbjörn,


          just to give you an idea, this works:



          LOAD * INLINE [

              F1, F2, F3

              P12, a, b

              P1, ,

              P2, c, d

              P3, ,




          LOAD F1 as Field1,

          if(IsNull(F2) or Trim(F2)='', peek(Field2), F2) as Field2,

          if(IsNull(F3) or Trim(F3)='', peek(Field3), F3) as Field3

          Resident base;


          - Ralf