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    Saving qvd file to a network folder

    Michael Costner

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm having trouble storing a qvd file to a network folder.


      My script is fairly straightforward. I'm trying to load an .xml stored on a server, then save the loaded data as a .qvd to the same server.


      The gist of my script is below:



      load *

      from [\\serverName\datafolder\file.xml];


      store MyTable into \\serverName\qvdfolder\MyTable.qvd (QVD);


      I am able to load the data OK but receive "failed to open file in write mode for file \\serverName\qvdfolder\MayTable.qvd" when trying to store the .qvd file. I have read/write access to the folder I'm trying to save to. I've also tried using the server IP address in lieu of the server name.


      Any thoughts on what is causing the error? I am fairly new to qvd storage, any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.