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    *** Filter data based on selected fields in Set Analysis / Using Indirect Analysis ***

    Deepak Vadithala

      Dear All,


      I am working on a survey project. I had data for different activities like...


      • Travel
      • Away from Home - Shopping
      • Away from Home - Entertainment
      • Away from Home - Eating


      I have this data for each hour of the day and each day of the week. Now I wanted to look the behaviour of my audience. I mean I am using a simple set analysis expression to display a bar chart...


      COUNT({$<TimeStampValue = {$(=($(vMaxCurrentTime)))} , Q_No ={'Q1'} >} Resp_ID)


      Now I wanted to look at the behaviour of the same audience for next & previous hour. So I had created a variable which calculates the previous & next hour based on the time selected by the user. And if the user selects a specific time, day & activity.


      For example : Selecting the audience who travel at 7AM on Sunday. And if there are 1000 responses for the same.


      *** Now I wanted to see the behaviour of these 1000 respondents in previous hour & next hour? ***


      I hope it all makes sense. Your help/suggestions are much appreciated


      Many thanks in advance.


      Cheers - DV