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    qSortIndicator issue

    Ralf Becher



      in extensions very often I need to sort dimensions myself, at least for 2nd dimension. Hence I try to figure out what sorting is given by the user. The only thing I cannot detect is when a dimension is not sorted, means sorting by load order.


      In that case according to documentation qSortIndicator should equal 'N' but it doesn't:


      So my guess is this is an API bug. Is there any workaround?


      - Ralf

        • Re: qSortIndicator issue
          Erik Wetterberg

          Hi Ralf,

          You really need qSortCriterias, which is not included in the dimension info in the layout (that might be considered a bug). When you turn off sorting in the standard property panel, the client will still set qSortByLoadOrder to 1, like this:


          So QIX engine still thinks its sorted (which it is..).


          A workaround would be getting the properties and checking qSortCriterias.


          Hope this helps


          Erik Wetterberg