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    Calculate Market Share in Qlik sense Chart

    vikas mahajan

      Dear All


      I am calculating Market share using  this formula

      num(Sum({$<Company ={'BPC'}>} [VolKL])/vBPCLVolKL,'##.#'& '%')


      Where Variable is  vBPCLVolKL =Sum( Total  <CalendarDay>  {$<COMP ={'BPCL'}>}  [VolKL])

      using this i am just getting 82.8 % which should be 100%  what could be mistake ?



      When i am using  following I am getting correct  and following highlighted  i want to store in variable.


      num(Sum({$<Company ={'BPC'}>} [VolKL])

          /Sum(TOTAL {$<Company ={'BPC'}>} [VolKL]),'##.#'& '%')


      Thanks in adv