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    Tool to Automate Multiple Replace Existing App Operations?

    Sami Saarinen

      Hello community!


      Is there a tool which automates multiple Replace Existing App -operations?



      I have a multinode environment and all nodes have xxx-number of apps.

      Lets say IncrementalLoad and FullLoad -apps for yy-number of streams.

      Now I have build a new 'default' Apps (Inc+Full) which I import and publish as a template for new streams. But I also have to replace all the existing apps I have.

      This is very time consuming and error prone to clickety-click through the process;

      Publish, Select correct stream from the dropdown menu, tick Replace existing app, Select App to replace from the dropdown menu and click three times OK for confirmations.


      I mean this is simple task to perform once or ten times. But when I have literally hundreds of these to go through I was wondering if there is a tool or way I haven't discovered yet which allows me to do this automatically for All apps I want.


      I hope the question was clear enough.



      Sami Saarinen