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    Qlik Sense - stacked bar chart - data model - dimensions - set analysis

    Krzysztof Tomanek

      Hi all,


      I have a task I'm trying to solve. I've tested couple of ideas and I've got nothing but a partial solution (unsatisfactory).

      Any help / pointing to a right direction much appreciated!


      The goal:

      One stacked bar graph displaying:

      - one stacked bar: rolling forecasts (actuals, forecast values)

      - second stacked bar: prior forecast (actuals, forecast values)

      - stacked bar responding to filter pane (Date)

      *note: to see how rolling and prior works in attached qvf use March-to-July as for other months there is no data available.


      What I've done so far:

      Cut original table to 3 tables (probably not the most optimal solution).

      Created two stacked bar graphs instead of one.



      Excel file with:

      - Original data-set structure

      - 3 sheets displaying 3 tables I've build (may not be the best way..)

      - qvf with what I've got so far (two stacked bar graphs instead of one)


      **I tend to omit the explanation on how the rolling and prior forecasts work (it is beyond the scope of this task - but if the explaining the logic is needed I can share the calculator with simple excel visualization).

      Any questions let me know!

      Thank you in advance!

      Kind regards,