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    calculated feild

    Awais Ali



      I am trying to import data from a csv file which have is similar to following table:




      This file already contains first five columns of table shown above. I need a calculated field "Sales Amount" which should be calculated like :

      Sales Amount = (Qty x Price ) + Postage


      But Problem i was facing is that for orders in which there are multiple skus/items for example order id 1002, in which there are two skus/items (i.e S001, S002). Even though customer has paid only $6 Postage it's showing against both items which results into inflating the total "Sales Amount". In excel we can use following formula to resolve the issue and divide the postage equally to all skus/items :





      I am wondering how i can achieve the same in Qlikview dataload editor script, Appreciate if someone can help/guide me.