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    Min and Max Date Dimensionality?

    Zack Black

      First time poster so forgive my explanation.



      I work at an insurance company and I would like to build a viz (QlikView) on claims loss amounts growth/decay.  My idea is to have a scatter chart that plots a claim by loss amount (Y) and transaction date (X) twice.  One dot be the first transaction connected to the second dot to be the last transaction on the claim.  I'm having trouble building out the logic to plot the two points.



      How can I plot a claim on its initial loss amount on its first transaction date as well as plot its total loss amount on its final transaction date?  Adding the connecting line should be simple enough by adding Claim Number as the second dimension on the scatter (correct me if I'm under-thinking it).


      Bonus question:

      Can I conditionally format the color of the connecting line based on the slope of the line (red for sizable positive slope, green for a sizable negative slope and yellow for a flat-ish slope)?


      Thank you in advance for any consideration.