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    HELP! - Working with REST data from SharePoint list in Load scripts

    Ozzie Boeuf



      Have spent some time trying to get this to work.


      I have created a Qlik REST connection which connects fine to my SharePoint List:



      Using an adaptation of suggestions from Data load from Sharepoint 2013 (see script below) I want to load the SharePoint List data into a single table called Recommendations Master as the data seems to come down into many tables as a vertical listing (painful).




      [Recommendations Master]:


      [RecID] as RecID,

          [ID] as ID,

          [Recommendations] as Recommendations

      FROM [lib://ORIP Recommendations - REST]

      (XmlSimple, Table is [feed/entry/content/properties]);




      It is becoming very frustrating but any help on transforming data using Qlik REST connection to SharePoint List in order to utilise the related data as it appears in the SharePoint list original records will be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks kindly.