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    Filter Legends help

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      I'm having below Line chart , what I'm looking for is any easy way of doing filtering on Legends:



      Suppose I just want to filter for Legends : SP_Time_PinchLine_L_1_Max and SP_Time_PinchLine_L_1_MIN , just to compare these two.


      Any suggestions how this can be possible!


      I tried just selecting my mouse these 2 , but it's not working.


      I'm thinking of creating list box with these legends on right side of above chart, so that users can select anyone to compare, but no sure if this is possible as all these are $Field.


      Here my Dim = Date


      Expressions are :

      Exp1 :AV_Tmp_PinchLine_L_1

      Exp2 :SP_Tmp_PinchLine_L_1_MAX

      Exp3 :SP_Tmp_PinchLine_L_1_MIN

      Exp4 :AV_Tmp_PinchLine_L_2




      and so on




        • Re: Filter Legends help
          Pratyush Shastri

          Hi AS


          Create an inline where you have something like this


          Load * Inline [








          so you can have a listbox where you can choose which line charts to show up.



          Now create a listbox with Dim as your field


          and then go into your line chart, where you'll have Conditional option for each expression

          Type this for your first expression:

          GetSelectedCount(Dim)=0 or substringcount(GetFieldSelections(Dim),'AV_Tmp_PinchLine_L_1')>0

          and so on for all the expressions and you're good to play with the chart.