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    SPC Chart in Qlik Sense? I can't create it because I can't add anymore measures

    Jonathan Pitchford

      Hi QC,


      I'm trying to create an SPC chart in Qlik Sense. I liked the work by Erica Whally in QlikView that used counters to dynamically calculate Nelson's rule set.


      I've managed to get something working by using a secondary axis to hide the counters. My issue now is that I can't add anymore than 15 measures to the chart to calculate the rules. I'm using Qlik Sense 3.2 SR2 and a combo chart.


      Has anyone created an SPC chart in Qlik Sense with the rules for special cause variation? Does anyone know how to add more measures to a Combo chart?


      I've attached the .qvf file I've been working on in case anyone has any ideas on this. I've set it up to you can add your own data to an excel template and drag and drop it into Sense. You need to select 1 measure and 1 dimension for the charts to calculate.


      I would appreciate any help in getting something working